Couch Delivery

So we ordered a couch from Falabella, a department store, at Unicentro on Sunday. Up until now we had either been sitting on the floor, in bed, or on plastic porch chairs. Well now I am sitting on my brand new couch, except the sectional pieces do not match. Sections of a right (derecha) and left (izquierda) side configuration. The delivery was two guys who had to take the pieces out of the boxes to get them upstairs. I was excited to finally have something else to sit on I did not carefully check to see they were the right sections, I assumed. I did check to make sure there where no marks on the fabric. I got the legs on the sectionals and then discovered they did not go together. So I called Andres who “told me so”. So now I am on hold with Falabella going on 20 minutes. Of course the menu is in Spanish when you call so I have no idea if I am even going to talk to someone and if I ever do get connected, there may be no one who speaks English. Very frustrated.

Nevermind. Phone disconnected after 21 minutes on hold.