What the overturning of DOMA by the Supreme Court of the USA means to me.

So not living in Washington DC anymore and down the street from Nellie’s, I am 2300 miles removed from what I had experienced when the State of the Union happened or some other major event happened. I watched the ruling of the Supreme Court yesterday on CNN International with cut ins to Washington when the rulings came out.

Being that I have already moved out of the United States for one reason because my partner and I could not receive the same benefits of heterosexual couples if we were to get married, I can’t say I was jumping up and down but certainly happy. We now have the option to return to the US and get married in a state that recognizes marriage between two men and I can be eligible to apply for a green card on behalf of Andres. This is huge for being in love with someone who is not from the United States.

For now, I am just over a month into my new adventure here in Bogota and plan on continuing on the current path until the right time comes to light.

This site was a help in understanding what this all means.

BTW, I already have my “Green Card” and Domestic Partner Visa for Colombia.

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