Dog Bites

So its just been over two weeks since a wonderful day (6/11/13) with Aviv in a park near the house turned to me being in the Reina Sofia Hospital to be treated for dog bites on both of my arms.

It was a nice Tuesday afternoon and Aviv and I had enjoyed about 40 minutes in the park, playing with sticks and lounging in the shade. As I wanted to leave and Aviv wanted to stay (he can have his way) we found another shady spot on the other side of the park when entered two dogs, one a small beagle and the other a larger long haired Golden Retriever.

Knowing Aviv, he wanted to say hello. He did not see the Golden but we did make our way over to the smaller dog, on leash, and he did his sniffing. He then spotted the Golden and certainly wanted to make his way to say hello. Thinking I better not but his cute face got the best of me, I let him off leash and he ran around a tennis court situated in the middle of the park to the Golden. The lady who had the golden had the dog already off leash and through my limited Spanish gained that this was a good dog.

The two dogs sniffed each other for a about two minutes then the Golden turned agressived and started to growl and bite at Aviv and the two got into a loud dog brawl. Being the concerned father that I am and love for Aviv that I do, I stepped in to pull Aviv away. (Aviv wears a green Kong dog harness which has a handle atop his back). I was able to pull Aviv off the Golden but the Golden kept coming back at Aviv. The dogs owner had no control over her dog and was overpowered by it. I pulled Aviv away again and again the Golden kept coming at him. After I got Aviv out of the park, I was in shock, adrenaline running and dizzy. I looked at my arms and noticed puncture wounds in both of my arms, dog bites. I was so concerned for Aviv, I put my own safety in harms way.

A security guard from the parallel community ran over to my aid. Of course back to my three weeks in the country and limited Spanish, I pointed to my wounds and he ran off to get some first aid ointment. The Goldens dog owner came to the fence apologizing profusely. A small crowd gathered, I asked for water from the security guard who had gotten me two cups over the time. After calling Andres several times, he called back and he spoke to the security guard. It was determined that the Goldens owner was going to take me and Aviv to the hospital after she put her dog in her house. We loaded Aviv in the back  of the SUV and me in the front seat. She rushed off to the hospital across town (its where my insurance is accepted). The ride was fairly quick but I was dizzy and kind of out of it. We hit bumper to bumper traffic close to the hospital as a school was being let out of classes.

Andres’s mother met me there and got Aviv to grandpa who took him to the vet and she stayed with me until Andres arrived by cab. Andres and the Goldens owner shared info and she left. I was seen about 30 minutes after arrival and had my 5 puncture wounds on my two arms washed 3 times each with powder soap. No pain meds issued. I cant say it was a painless process. An older man was in the same room being washed of his wound on his foot, he had fallen in one of many coverless manholes. After being washed I was sent back out into the waiting room where I waited for a doctor to stitch me up. Now I know all the medical professionals out there are say “they stitched up dog bites, thats a no no”. The doctor had determined that since the Goldens owner said her dog had his shots and the dog was from a upper class neighborhood that it was safe to stitch my wounds up. We went off to the pharmacy and got some antibiotics, 750mg every 8 hours for 7 days.

After getting home, I learned that Aviv had been bit as well, one tooth to the right lip and the other to the top of the head. He got meds too.

Two weeks later, we are both healing fairly well but I am sure Ill have some scars as of a result.

One thought on “Dog Bites

  1. You crazy gringo…I haven’t taught you the foot shove dog grab move yet? It works wonders in those situations. Glad u are OK.

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